Guidelines for Screenings

There are a few rules we all need to abide by for the safety of ourselves and others.



Remember to bring your ticket. You will have an email containing a code for us to scan you in.

Your twin ticket provides you with a 1.5m space for two people. please bring something to sit on, picnics and cosy blankets in case you get chilly. It is also advisable to bring something waterproof as this is after all England!

We are delighted to be joined by Barista Bus who will have hot drinks and various snacks available for sale.  But you are more than welcome to bring food and drink with you.


Secondly, some COVID-19 guidelines:

  • We will have a socially distanced queuing system in place both at the ticket gate and before you enter the theatre. Please wait to be shown to a seating area. We would ask for your patience while we get people seated safely.

  • We've split the theatre into 1.5m wide twin spaces for social distancing but can join areas together for larger household/bubble groups if required.

  • To comply with Track and Trace we will need to take a contact number for your group when you arrive. We will not use this data for anything unless it is needed for Track and Trace and it will be held for 30 days only.

  • Once you have been seated please keep to your marked areas. Please keep under 2’s on a parents lap during the showing and older children within the marked area

  • If needing to leave the theatre area, please wait until the stairs are clear of people before using them.

  • Please refrain from singing and dancing (we’re sorry!)

  • It is not mandatory for you to wear a mask. However, if you would like to you are welcome to. We will be wearing face shields, masks and gloves while we get you checked in and seated.

  • No pets

  • There will be Hand Sanitiser stations provided when you enter and leave.

  • There will be portable toilets on site which we will be cleaning before and after each show.


COVID-19 Symptoms include:

  • Fever or chills

  • Temperature above 37.8

  • Persistent dry cough

  • Sore throat


Most importantly, we really hope you enjoy the film! Thank you so much for supporting us.


Ben and Sarah

Movies By The Lake

13th July



We are please to announce that our July weekend has been given approval to continue.  We are still waiting to hear about our August dates but it's a step in the right direction.  More social distancing guidelines whilst at the outdoor theatre coming soon!

Ben & Sarah

30th June



We promised an update regarding our position for our planned outdoor cinema dates in July, and so here is a brief update.

We have been at Stanwick Lakes measuring up, drawing plans for social distancing and working out how best we can accommodate people safely based on the different types of groups that come to the cinema; couples, families, friends etc. Not forgetting the toilets!

Unfortunately there is a roadblock currently that we are waiting to overcome. Whilst we are confident that we have come up with a couple of plans that allow for social distancing, Current written law does not allow for us to run events with an audience greater than 30 people. Due to the cost of film licensing, space rental and toilets we need an average of 40 people at each of our 3 shows to break even. So with a limit of 30 we are in a sticky situation without increasing ticket prices dramatically. However it is not all bad news!

Speaking to the council the 30 person limit is likely to change at the end of the week to fall in line with the 4th July changes for pubs etc, but it has not currently and we are hesitant to just assume that it will.

Therefore I please ask that you remain patient with us. If the law does change then hopefully on Monday we can make sure that all the relevant authorities are on board and some real progress can be made. If we have not managed to get everybody onboard by the 10th July then we shall definitively cancel our July dates and look into the possibility of extending our August dates if they become possible.

Thank you once again for you patience with us. We realise that it is frustrating not knowing if an event is going to happen. Because we realise that a lot of personal situations have changed in the last 100 days and you may no longer be able to attend even if we can operate we are relaxing our refund policy. If you would no longer like to attend please contact us before the 10th July and we shall refund your tickets no questions asked.

Stay safe and hope to see you again soon for a movie!

Ben & Sarah

17th March



We have not been sitting under a rock... we realise that the Covid-19 virus is likely to put a huge spanner in the works for our 2020 movies.

The plan for 2020 therefore looks like this.  As the first events are not until the the end of June we are optimistic that we may still be able to bring you some if not all the events as planned, we are continuously paying attention to UK government advice but also have to be realistic.  So with that here are a few statements for you.

a) If we do have to postpone an event on health reasons we shall try our best to give at least 28 days notice.  

b) When we postpone an event we realise the new date may not work for everyone so we shall offer to transfer to a different movie or in the case that none of these options work, a refund.

c) Our plan to head to the Winchester and wait for this to all blow over has been scuppered and so we're just stuck in the car with Liz.

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